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  1. The weight slider for the stockings (non-dark) and shoes aren't enabled in the plugin.
  2. Luke, did I ever tell you about Ahsoka Tano? She was your father’s exotic teenage alien apprentice, a fine piece of jailbait from a more civilized age. She had the tightest body and the perkiest little breasts in the galaxy; barely legal in most systems. Anakin and I used to doubleteam her at the end of every successful campaign during the Clone Wars, and once in a while we’d even have the entire 501st run a train over her, part of official Jedi “training” of course. In time, she learned how to handle a meatsaber better than anyone in the Jedi Temple. She wore a miniskirt every day so we told
  3. Gomaperoland, dunno which cell exactly though.
  4. Thanks to Alter Native for the cyber club location! Here's some screenshots of it (I changed a couple details about the interior of the place to my taste though).
  5. On a sidenote, are you gonna release that backpack & facemask some time?
  6. Which body preset is shown in the pics? Great to have you back with such sweet content btw!
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