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Returning After Time Away - Body changes not showing up


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I had to take time off Skyrim modding and am trying to restore my install, got it running but Calente Tools changes are not showing up in my game. It has been literally years since i worked with all of this and may have forgotten how to do basic stuff. I installed game and add ons of course. then i installed Mod manager and i copied over the Data file from old saved install, and i see all of my mod folders. Then i installed Mod manager and i see my mods on the list with check marks. But for some reason my companion Lydia is flat as a pancake, and not like she should be as in my avatar. I ran Calete Tools and did the batch conversion, i use the Silly Huge sliders. But she still is the same.  Do i have to re install each mod like the Calente Body mods and all one by one to get them to actually run? any help on this would be appreciated. I got a much much better computer and can run the game on ultra which is very cool but need to get the mods working thanks for help and i am very glad to see the lab is still here.

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i finally remembered and re installed everything using the Mod Editor From Tex Nexus and all is well again. wow has been a while. My wife and Companion were very patient to wait for me in the Tower of Mzark for years  lol.

Me and My Wife Lydiia.jpg

Me and Companions in Tower of Mzark.jpg

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