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Faction Paradox 0.3 (Doctor Who)


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Hey guys, this is my first post in which I'd like to introduce a game I am currently working on. 
It is called “Faction Paradox", a first-person, choice-based adventure slave training game.
It is also based on loosely on the fictional tv series Doctor Who.
Main plot
You play as a new member of the Faction Paradox. A cult dedicated to breaking down the laws set by the Time Lords. After unlocking the full capabilities of your ship, you must travel throughout the galaxy conquering the planets.

The game is made to play in a freeform manner. You have the freedom to travel anywhere you like but must train your stats individually.

There are two ways to pilot your ship.

Normal Piloting - Select your location, Take off, Helmic regulator x3, land

Fast Piloting - Selection your location, Take off, Locking down mechanism, Atomic Accelerator

The Player:
You are a new recruit of the faction paradox who has woken from a regeneration. You are as new to the galaxy as it is to you.

Your personal A.I (Artificial Intelligence) , she was created as your personal advisor.

Liu Cheng:
An eighteen year old girl from Asaga high school who dreams of travelling further than the outskirts of China.


Slave Training





If your favorite fetish isn't listed above, let me know and I'll see if I can implement them into the game!


Download Links

Faction Paradox 
Latest version:


This is game is in development

This game is currently in development stage so expect many changes and unfinished patterns.
There is a lot I have planned and it all depends on the art I can afford so if you like this game, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

Thanks guys!





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I think you have an interesting concept, but the execution is a bit scrambled.


Now I only got to tool around with it for 30 minutes, before I got booted back to the menu, but the issues are pretty jarring for anyone who isn't familiar with the system, as the entire system isn't explained all too well other than going to Victoria who is huddled away in the corner of the ship. The overall landing control system is overly complex, there's no need for it to be this way as it is just confusing for the player, and will just put off any new player; graphics could of course use work as well (Jumps between straight up art and what seems like 16 bit art is a bit jarring), but there's no reason to feel bad about it as you are still early in development. At the moment the game seems to push you to explore your options as everything is really vague early on and your only mission is, "Get the manual from the girl." , but it seems most anything you try to do is rather pointless as a lot of your actions only add a tick to a number that doesn't seem to affect much else. I stopped playing the game after I flew the ship back to Chinatown only to get booted back to the main menu with no explanation as to what was done wrong. Overall, confusing and a minor bit frustrating, but like I said you still have a really interesting concept that not a lot of people have tried tackling before, and if you can address these issues and user friendliness to your game you'll have an amazing game and story on your hands.


Anyways,I'll be looking forward to future updates. :smiley:

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