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Missing text chatting in Four-Play mods...help if you can.


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I posted this under "Four Play Sex Em Up" and got no response. I'm trying it here to see if anyone else has had the same problem and possible solutions.

Thanks to all who read.


Hi all, 

I have had a recent issue with Sex'Em Up and another mod that when a baddy is beaten down to a low level , you have the option of  shooting , letting them go, robbing or having sex with it(Pretty sure that one is Violate).

I removed the last mod.

The problem is , When i hit the "H"key the text messages between the two people are not appearing. Only the choice button text is there. This would happen with the "robbing" mod. No "Let me see what you have and i'll let you go., etc".

Removed all of my F_P and Vinfamy mods and  re-installed a few.

I now have , Autonomy, Vanilla_Fudge and 4playSEU but, I still have no text dialogue for character interaction scenes . The choice buttons appear and all animations still work fine.

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