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Hi! This post is for those who would like to post possible fetish ideas for mods, whether it's on Skyrim or Fallout or any other game! In my case, I've always wished for an orc breeding mod in Skyrim (nothing new there actually), but with a development similar to those found in doujinshi manga, or comics (any way you might consider it). For example, orcs take over Skyrim once the player becomes the queen of the orcs (after breeding, let's say, 50 babies), or the king for that matter. Said idea has been contemplated, but never developed. Either way, I'd like to hear more ideas! I guess I might not be the only one with such a wish! In addition, if you wish to develop any idea further, you're more than welcome to make a new post concerning said idea within this same space, or within the Mod section of the club! I've always wanted to provide a mod for this community that has given me so much content, but unfortunately I do not possess the knowledge nor the time. At any rate, have fun!

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On 1/21/2018 at 12:36 AM, Leon0803 said:





If I had the time, ability and self confidence I would have a go - but until then, Submissive Lola seems to be all there is? I'm thinking mods where you can be a sub or slave through genuine choice, and treated as a valuable treasure owned by your dominant, (albeit one they occasionally send to make money by clearing out a cave/bandit camp etc). Where they control your inventory and maybe even dictate how you fight - by banning use of all magic bar illusion for example, and telling you always to use a shield and never steal. 


Edit: I saw PetCollar, something like that with some missions added.

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