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    I Love gaming and i love meeting new people, its always very interesting in my Opinion

    Feel free to write me anytime!
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    Ive been always a bit of the outsider kid in my childhood, which i didnt really bother as it brougth me together with the more interesting Kids.

    During my Teenage years i started developing a interest in BDSM and soon found my current girlfriend, which i love unconditionaly and which volunteered to become my Slave.

    Now im here to get into discussions with new people.

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  1. this looks promising! ill give it a go and maybe donate if i enjoy it, keep it up!
  2. idk what to talk about tbh, my slave broke up with me latley so...idk, i could do some more bdsm guides but im out of topics in my head.
  3. my assumption would be that people either just wanna be in the club to identify as part of a mass or are too shy to ask stuff
  4. (this is a extention of my Bdsm Relationships entry. ) One of the, more interesting kinks that is kinda bound into the realm of bdsm is D/L (Daddy/Little) or DD/LG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl if you like to make long and complicated things ^^) Now D/L is special to itself, since it might be one of the things seeming very weird to outsiders. this kink is the source of all the popularity of calling people "daddy", because just like with 50 shades, society saw a kink and thougth "why not abuse it" xD in this relationship one of the partners
  5. Yep, your right on it with the last thing but you mostly shortn it to D/L since the other one would be DD/LG (Which just doubles shit unnecessarily) but ill get that onto another post asap.
  6. Long time no write, didnt have many ideas on what to put to paper to be honest, anyone stumbeling onto this blog, welcome! check out the other posts of mine inorder to understand more about the topic, their not long to read either i think. What i want to talk about today is one of the things that always causes weird looks by people outside of the kink, constant fights with media, state and feminists alike. BDSM Relationships. One of the most iconic ones is the one of a Slave and a Master. While it is true, that slaves often get traine
  7. hm, maybe if you start of slowly and you get used to the water? or get pulled up and back down again every 1-2 minutes?
  8. what if you take the ability to breath? get some waterproof tape and there you go, just make sure to have a handsign as a replacment for a safeword
  9. eh, i see the interest in rape fantasys but im not really a fan of them,
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