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Request - Bind on SL Defeat

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So, those of us who used to use Sexlab Submit remember that after the submission andassault, the PC was bound, hog tied, and had to escape then seek help to get cut loose.

I use SL Defeat now, but miss that ending functionality. Is it possible someone could make a mod that if you "submit" in defeat, instead of a random ending, the PC is robbed and bound to be used later? Like the bandit quest of DA - Captures, the bandit one?

Would give a reason to submit vs fight to the end

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I liked SD+ but I haven't been big on the DD mods and SD+ can be frustrating to get out of once it starts (at least for me). I may go back and try it again and see if it has more options that might assist in customizing it towards what I am looking for. Thanks for the insight!

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