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Help make new historic follower Yeli

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2018 looks to be the year of the Woman. 

Even Time name person of the year . The "silence breakers" who launched the anti-harassment #MeToo movement.

I have been playing an historical character for a while and would like to make her a follower for others to enjoy. She will be unique has no current follower like her is available.


She is Yelizaveta Kovalskaya .  

from Wikipedia..

born 1849 she was the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man who owned her and her mother. When he died she inherited his fortune.

Yeli was a Russian revolutionary who founded the Black Repartition organization in 1880's 

She worked for the promotion of literacy and women's rights. Using her money to start a college to help young women seeking education.

In 1881 she was sentenced to life in Siberian prisons. During the next 20 yrs she lead hunger strikes, made attempted escapes including conviction of knifing a prison guard.


My Yeli

 she is very beautiful but horribly scarred from 20 years Siberian prisons. 1800"s

She wears her hair and face mask / veil to hide her scars. Self mutilation face and body prison tattoos can not hide her charisma.

 Of course with hunger she is skinny, nice body but not large breast. One can see if they look past her wounds that she is stunningly beautiful and charismatic.

 She will be dual weapon daggers, expert sneak and lock picking. Fast and remorseless. A good girl with a bad life.

 I have her in furs. Escaped from prison and retrieved her dads hidden wealth and weapons. 

 An outcast with no friends and fear of strangers or guards. Not one for self pity now that she's matured but shies away. Comforted by the dark she one loathed, no one can see "her".

 called a monster by some.  When kids throw stones at her she would tell them " I will visit your nightmares, give you kiss goodnight."

 She is funny, witty , when raining could say...  "wet like my pussy"

 She would be found praying at Temple of Mara in Riften



I am computer literate , well modded but no experience with creation. So this would be my 1st try if I can't find someone to bring this remarkable life story to Skyrim SE and do her memory justice.

Have teen daughters who can do voice work.  Thoughts on dialogue and story welcome. 

Anyone willing to help take on this project can receive all donations when released. 


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