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Any fix for FP Vanilla Fudge?


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It appears some FP functions aren't working properly after one of the recent Fallout 4 updates.  The main example I can think of is the FP Vanilla Fudge.  Certain settings for that mod work but others do not.


1) Flirt enable/disable - works

2) Flirt Timer - works

3) NPC Gender - works


4) NOT flirting when prompted does NOT work. - at the end of the dialog the NPC always asks for sex even if the Charisma choice was not chosen.

5) Letting the Flirt timer expire then chose any dialog choice does NOT work. - NPC still always asks for sex afterwards.

6) Lovers Embrace - sortof works, but ignores the 'ignored companion' options.. i.e. if I don't want dogmeat to show up after sleeping and I have him disabled in the Control panel he still shows up.

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