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Height Mod compatible with WW

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8 hours ago, indixavior17 said:

Hi, Im wondering if there is a height mod that is fine with Wicked Whims and the latest updates. I feel like height mods might conflict with the animations or at least not sync of correctly. 

You are correct. If you use a height mod animations will not line up properly. There is pretty much nothing you can do about that. Not in any game i know of.... but if you only change the height a little it's not too bad.


i use "cmar_HeightSlider in CAS Feet.package" mixed with "Height Slider Short.package" by simmythesim - and that's all. With it you can make some sims a little shorter. You can add in "Height Slider Tall.package" to make sims taller than average too, but, i like using shorter only. Anyways, so long as you only adjust the height a *little* different then it doesn't cause too many noticeable animations problems. The mod, itself, doesn't let you go ridiculously short, anyways, so that helps, buuut, still if you go too far on the short end or too far on the high end you will end up with really badly aligned animations.


But, the package files i listed are "compatible" with WW in the sense that they don't conflict with each other. But... ya, messing with height will 100% cause animations to misalign. Even *default/non-modded* game animations like "first kiss" and stuff like that will be a problem if you mess with height too much. i don't think much can be done about that.

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In Sims 3 the sex mod was compatible with one of the height sliders. That slider had two parts, torso and leg height, and the point of reference was the penis, not the floor. So the models would go through the floor. That's how the hentai game Honey Select works too. Height sliders don't have to mess up the animations.

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