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problem with converting replacer (facegendata), enhanced blood texture , and shadow problem

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Hello there


I have two problems and hopefully someone can help


1- I was converting a LE serana replacer for SE, and my game was crashing once I talk with serana, deleting the facegendata of that mod stops the crash, any way to fix this? I believe it needs a special converting step for files like this and not just a simple open on ck and save


I solved the first one so I will replace it with


1- Enhanced Blood Textures, https://s14.postimg.org/mvn53thhd/texture.jpg


2- my second problem is a strong shadow on my character arms and leg (ignore the hands clipping I didnt build the outfit on body at that time) image.png.1f8b2d5ddbfd617b8e591babe0e78e1b.png

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