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Hi I posted this in fallout 4 request, but would be fun in Skyrim (special edition) as well. I was wondering if anyone with talent could create the Yaka arrow Yondu uses in Guardians of the Galaxy. I tried it myself, but it went to the crappers.


Features would be:


Aim and target multiple enemies

When fired it will use homing to go threw all selected targets. 

Then back to the player. 


Extra would be to have his whistle sound while it's flying. 

A red glow following the arrow. 

A super strong one that kills anything on touch. 

A normal leveled one strong, but not invinsible.


Alternative, if it's easier one that works like chain lightning in skyrim. Just goes threw all enemies without aiming.


Also if anyone can or want's a playable Yondu and or follower with the weapon.


If you need to know how the arrow works this video will show it well.


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