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Mod Creation Support (Simple questions about NPC Behaviour and EventHooks)


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I have a planned out idea for a mod I am interested in making, but having only created a few custom patches and updates for old mods for personal use in the past I am unsure where to start.  


I have ideas for a set of new enchantments that no one on the nexus or here has seemed to cover however it may not be possible.  


First off, is there a simple means of ensuring an NPC picks up a nearby item when dropped?


Second, is there an OnPickup-esqe event that can ensure an NPC equips/wields an item when it is picked up or placed in their inventory? (Such as when a player reverse-pickpockets?)


Third, I understand that weapon enchantments cannot be placed on armor and vice versa; however, if I were to say, copy the Vanilla Skyrim weapon fire enchantment script, rename it EnchFireDamageArmor, and edit the copy to use whatever the TargetSelf and OnEquip functions are called (if they exist) would that now create an enchantment that could be used to set the wearer on fire when equipped and would there be a way to ensure the fire lasts only for a certain amount of time?








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