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[REQUEST/IDEA] asking for more

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one thing i really liked from lovers pk was there was an option to "go again" after an animation ends. i know a few mods already hook onto the sexlab final orgasm script (off the top of my head SL deadly drain visual effect, SGO insemination check, PSQ leak cum), so i think this is possible. i'm wondering if someone can make a mod which hooks onto the final orgasm from sexlab with vaginal/anal tag, and pops up a dialogue giving the pc an option to ask and/or beg the partner to not pull out. if successful (maybe chance based on partner enjoyment or arousal), rewinds the animation one or two stages, and have it play to the final orgasm stage again. i think this will be amazing to use with SL separate orgasm mod, in events where the partner orgasms before the PC, or if the PC just wants to go at it some more. 

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