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FirstPersonPlugin (need easy script from programers / scripters)

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Hi there.

There is a plugin on LL called ImmersiveFirtsPerson. In that plugin is option to bind key number 7 to attach first person camera to the target in Your crosshair and see thrue his/shes eyes.
(you can swap from first to 3rd person view just like playing Your character) 

( !bindkey 0x67 0 "AttachIFPV" )

My need is, can someone make plugin-script to the formula :


If sex starts / and if it is aggressor - (auto attach camera to agresor - from ImmersiveFirstPerson) then if sex ends auto back camera to PC.

Or if its simple make switch camera just by one button - between two person involved in sex scene - npc, pc. (without manually using method from IFP, putting crosshair on desired

npc and press 7 ( !bindkey 0x67 0 "AttachIFPV" ) to se Your char thru npc eyes.


Can someone help me, where should start ?


P.S Did You know you can attach camera from IFP to Your follower who is following You and record some good fight / traveling / etc scenes from whole different angle and FX ? ;p


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