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Salvage Rewards No Longer On Nexusmds - Any Replacements?

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So with the release of Mod Organizer 2 for the use with Fallout 4, I decided to give it a try on my attempts to play Fallout 4. However, when reinstalling mods, I ran into one that apparently got removed from the database. Called Salvage Rewards, it added the ability to find various resource shipments as end-of-dungeon loot, and really helped out my stuff with farming resources. Anyone know what happened there, or better yet, another mod that can do similar that's worth using?

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...fuck. Also realized this was wrong area. Mods want to drag this to Fallout 4 to reduce confusion?


Yeah, that would have made sense, I know some modmakers have hidden and then put links to updates or replacements. Thanks though!

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