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WTF what did I miss??

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Ok so I wanted to try out this race mod... Mojave Delight... downloaded and installed... also installed the new SCR which I hadn't done yet... get in game started new to use the Added Goth race (go goth girls)... COC to Primm forgot that it's a fresh start so it hasn't been cleared yet. PC gets raped, though I had that glitch where the raper didn't play animation... nope head and hands are where they are supposed to be... Hmmm curious. Go and check files... male nude meshe is present... odd. Go back to auto save in Goodspring, have sex... same issue upper body is invisible. hmmmmmmmmm... make New Male PC... get to where I can see PC... body is present, (turning off and back on other Mods) ok WTF? Try sex... same issue.


I'm only getting invisible male animations on sex... so WTF? Everything is present and accounted for (less I missed something in the SCR update or NG). Any ideas why I only get invisible males on sex????

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