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T-Pose error on PC and every NPC in-game.

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I don't understand why, but I've constantly got a T-pose error on any game I start for some reason. I've installed my body mods, the installed sexlab light and XPMSE, before finally running FNIS over everything and sorting my mods, but I'm still getting the T-Pose bug and I don't know how to fix it.


Happens no matter the gender, no matter the race.



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what you may land up doing is roll back to "stock" make sure that works install the lowest level stuff next (XPMSE ?? ) make sure that works and see where it is breaking


also have you checked the instructions for [blinking red bold text] INSTALL IN THIS EXACT ORDER AND HAVE FOO AND BAZ OVERWRITE FILES BUT ONLY ALLOW BAR IF ..[/blinking red bold text] type things??


I would love to get a body in a t-pose so i can setup a pipeline to port stuff from MakeHuman to Beth games (its either that or a complete set of measurements for Male and Female)

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