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Wicked Wims mod

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I am unable to get the mods to work in the game. I have downloaded them, had them in a separate file within the game and I have since moved them straight into the Sims 4 file. And I have had no luck. I enabled the script mods in the settings tab of the game and restarted it about three times now. Please help me. I honestly haven't dealt much with mods.

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1 hour ago, britt29nee said:

mine wont work either I play all the time all my other mods work except wicked whims

 WW has other side mods that make it work like CNWW and CNWWpets (there are others but not on Lovers Lab.) You need to be more specific when you ask for help, like 'Does your command prompt not have the Wicked selection on it?' CNWW helps with initiating WW with certain types of sims thus the CNWWpets and CNWW would be for Elders to Teens

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