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Relocating everything

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Hey there! I need help with relocating my Sims4 folder from my Documents folder. I did it once with Euro Truck Simulator 2 using the -homedir command so my starting options for the game in steam looks like this: -nointro -homedir "E:\Program Files (x86)\ETS2". But it didn't work with Sims4 (tried it with shortcut, and directly adding it to starting commands).

However -nointro worked. So my question is: Is there any commands or programs that can relocate this folder? I want it because my mods folder just became larger than 5Gb and my C drive is on a 60Gb SSD, so I have like 2Gb space left lol... Thanks in advance! Also, happy new year!

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You can literally just drag and drop the whole thing into another drive, the only thing that you'd need to change would be the shortcut on the desktop, make a new one from the new location of the game launcher. If your other drive is not SSD then you will notice a big difference in performance, the game will run slower, take longer to load, etc. 


There would be some remaining registry errors but they can be fixed with a freeware registry fixer.

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Thanks for the reply m8, but no, I'm talking about application data like saves, mods, settings etc. all in all the whole Electronic Arts folder in Documents. I know how to relocate game data, but I prefer a clean install. The problem is, the game's files are on my SSD along with my system and saves and such for like 150 other games that don't support Steam Cloud so I need every bit of space. The game itself is installed on my HDD wich is 1TB so I have plenty of space for games and obviously porn lol. What I want is basically to make the game accept another folder on another drive as it's AppData folder.

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I did it! I successfully relocated my entire "Documents" folder from my SSD to my HDD, and Sims 4 works like a charm with ~8Gb of mods. If anyone else is in this situation, here's the solution:

Start Menu->Your Username->Right click on "Documents"->Properties->Location->Move->Make a new folder in the destination (this will be your new "Documents" folder, don't select root like "D:\" make it "D:\somethingthatyoudontwanttoremove"->Click OK and voila! Done!

Keep in mind that I only tried Sims 4 on Origin after doing this, didn't tried Steam, Uplay or GOG games. 


Edit: If you want to do this, and you don't understand something just PM me or write here and I'll help!

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