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Need Help with making scratch-made animations in Blender


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Well, I almost sure that no one will answer or help, but it's last chanse for me to find out solution and for Sexout to have a bunch of new anims including new creatures.


So, I decided to try (again) to make brand new animation for Sexout. I had lots of issues and almost (almost) made it work as intended. I winned the battle with different skeletons for human/creature, I managed to properly bake and export them, I even managed to add new animation to Sexout random picker.


Thing that I totally cannot do is proper actors positioning. Creature actor is always looks in wrong direction.


In Blender everything is fine:




But when it goes in the game, mutant is a lost a bit.




Everything else just fine. Animation playing properly, all looks as intended.


I'm awared that this shit has something to do with NonAccum and Bip01 bones directions. Shit is that this bones has 100% identical rotation values for both actors. It's not actually as it should be but it would be ok if both actors where rotated in wrong way. But somehow it affects only one actor (mutant, as I can see from comprasion blender and ingame).


I already tried to edit bones rotation in blender. This gives nothing, or gives very strange results (NonAccum bone rotated vertically not horisontally so poor mutie is broke his spine).


I would be very grateful for help or tips.

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9 minutes ago, A.J. said:

Did you try manually triggering the animation on the single npc by console with playidle? this will narrow down if it's really a NonAccum issue or there's some extra script layer with offsets


Yes, I did, and - I could be wrong (my head is exploding already eh x_x) - but it seemed that actors had the same direction as they should. I thinked about something related not to kf itself but to geck or something but I cannot even imagine where to dig in this direction.

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UPD Yeah, looks like actors has proper rotation towards each other in .kf's themselves when animations triggered with playidle.






It's incorrect, I know, but it's the same.

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Guess this means you were doing things correctly and instead there's a scripted offset? am I understand it correctly?


At this point, you wouldn't have much to do and I'm not the one who should answer. I do remember AGES ago, Prideslayer had in Sexout a table with offsets for animations, but I can't really say if this happens now too. You should wait some SO scripter to step in and shed some light.


You could eventually keep a copy of your file and make a modify - turn 180 degrees on of the two actors before exporting, see if it puts things as they should. But probably it's just a workaround and it would be better if someone from SO scripting part will give an extra clue

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-180 may work (for NonAccum Bone) but it can do bad thing if player will be actorA (for humans for example). I think problem is that actors posed faced to each other in the beginning of sexout act and this is total crap for animation making. That's why when Bip 01 twists 90 degree, it just twist other, mirror direction for npc. I cannot find solution atm and can't get how they avoiding this shit. Mirroring Bip 01 180 degrees in animation gave nothing somehow.

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yes mirroring Bip01 has no results, but if I remember well it could give some unexpected bad behaviours when moving

I'm not into details but... an animation like that, shouldn't it imply that you always will have a certain Actor A and a certain Actor B?


However, since what you describe is pretty common, I'm pretty sure that there's a simple script tweak to make in SO itself and the animator shouldn't care about it. I think Odessa's not around, but Doctasax could know where to put hands. Sorry if I can't dig in those scripts, I definetely have too little time for that in these days.

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UPD As I expected, turning NonAccum 180 degrees for mutant doing the do. But it's actually shitty solution. I dunno what will happen if player will happen to be actor A whis this. It was enough to make proper position for actors in the beginnig (like Skyrim does - actors are faced the same direction and start in one point) and thing would be 1000% easier for modders. Eh.



 an animation like that, shouldn't it imply that you always will have a certain Actor A and a certain Actor B?


Yes, in this anim creature can be only actor A and player is only actor B atm. But if someone will make mod like "play as mutie and be able to screw hymans" - I dunno how twisted NonAccum will turn out in game.

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Another stupid question from me. I was succesful in creating animation for brand new creature on totally new for Sexout skeleton... And again I'm confused and don't know where to search answers.


So, as it expected, I need a penis mesh for creature. I have nice one in Blender but I can't get how to export it. Is it should be animated mesh or what? I inspected meshes that already exist and I don't understand how they was exported. None of settings I tried gives matching results. Google as always has no answers.


So I'll be happy if someone knows that. I assume anims like smoking sigarette and drinking whiskey using meshes with same sctructure so question not specifically about Sexout but about AnimObject mesh for dynamic idle (i know how to make ones for static anims).

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21 hours ago, Allnarta said:

So I'll be happy if someone knows that. I assume anims like smoking sigarette and drinking whiskey using meshes with same sctructure so question not specifically about Sexout but about AnimObject mesh for dynamic idle (i know how to make ones for static anims).

I made several AOs in the past, but I never found a streamlined way to do them. It's always a "try and see what the hell happens".

Should you really move that penis, or could you simply move the bone where it's attached? cos I'd strongly suggest the second one... (to make comparison, playing guitar AO and Smoking cigarette AO)

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That's what I would suggested you after understanding if you had to move the mesh or not. Your solution's seriously the easier way who doesn't put you in tons of frustrations.


To explain better my previous message, guitar and sigarette are different - both are attached to a skeleton bone and they are animated because the bone itself is animated inside the animation, but the guitar has an extra animation, the mesh moves too (*scary*) - I couldn't ever be able to do anything like that since I never managed to make a proper rig for AOs in Blender. I spent ages with constraints, tons of attempts... nothing. The only way I do AOs is try, try in game, swear badly because things are misaligned, retry... (loop x many hours)

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Well, as I understood, meshes like sexout penisprops just have some  extradata block that allows game to know that object should be adjusted to some bone. And then - simple - bone moves, object moves proportionally. I just didn't found anything related to how exactly create or export this stringextradata. 

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I think people just making them from nif sources with replacing strippsdata with their mesh, making adjustments and - maybe - janging extradata index. Just like with headmesh editing. 

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