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CHSBHC Something wrong...


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Alright, this could be an easy fix or there could be an easy answer to this, but I need some help.


I just installed CHSBHC and it seems all is well until I take off gear. The chest shrinks instantly. Is it supposed to be like that? I've seen pics of characters without armor/clothes and the breasts are still the same size as shown with the gear on. I'm confused. I'm pretty sure I followed directions properly.


Can anyone help me out here? Please. :D

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I suspect based on fiddling with body/armor/clothing -replacers that this kind of behaviour could actually be the expected result of using different meshes (body replacer vs. armor/clothing).

You'd have to show some screenshots or send .nif -files to confirm this.

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Two possibilities :

1. You installed a CHSBHC mod for armors but you don't have the body replacer.

2. You're using armors which are supposed to be CHSBHC from this forum. But for some of them, it's a "false" CHSBHC. I tried with one which was more close to the manga's body replacer than to the CHSBHC one.

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