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[Divinity Original Sin 2] help merging 2 mod in a nude mod

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As the title says, i would like to ask for your help in a matter that i can't solve with my limited skills.


The problem is the following.


I like to use the female elf skin from the mod " Clean Elven Bodyes ". But i would like to have a naked character.


Someone already did that with a mod called " Elven Justice " , but the problem is that the 2 mods are not compatible : Elven Justice uses the old elf body, not the smooth one that i like from " Clean Elven Bodyes ".


So, first question : is it possible to make "Clean Elven Bodyes" naked ? Or, in short, a "Elven Justice" body with "Clean Elven Bodyes" texture (for a smooth skin) ?


Also,  Is it possible to edit the naked breasts? Because now as now, " Elven Justice " breasts are, in my opinion, too big and malformed.


So, second question : is it possible to edit the naked breasts to make them smaller and/or more rounded(more real) ?




If you could help me, i would be really grateful. I tryed to fix it myself but without success.


Below, the 2 mods.


The 2 images that i think are the ones to edit, from the 2 mods, are also attached. (same names, but the naked ones are from elven justice


For the smaller breasts i fear that it is the female elf model that needs to be edited...

Clean Elven Bodies-111-1-1.rar

Elven Justice.rar





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