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Problem installing animation pack

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Hello Guys


I've been trying to fix a problem that im having with one animation pack for Sexlab /Slal Loader


The thing here is that I'm trying to add the "Leito Animation Pack".. this one:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2615-slal-animations-by-leito-91216/ 


But it is impossible to make it work


I have followed all the steps and nothing works. As stated by the uploader:


Uninstall Non-Sexlab Animations Pack, Forerunner's Leito Animation Pack and older versions of my SLAL pack if you have them.
Install my mod and pick whichever modules you want from the popup.
Click 'yes' to overwrite everything.
Check and make sure SLAL_AnimationsByLeito.esp is loaded after SLAnimLoader.esp in your load order.
In the MCM, go into Sexlab's menu and reset the animation registry. Afterwards, you can go into the SL Animation Loader menu and enable my animations via the appropriate tabs.


I have been doing all these steps and nothing.... the thing here is that in the FNIS I can see the animation loading correctly, but once I get ingame the Sl Animation Loader it appears completely empty. I only have the "general options" where you can enable animation etc, but I cant see the pack installed.

It does not matter what I do, even if I go to the Sexlab Mod, it always has the same animations (default) does not matter if I try to install different package, its like is stuck in the default setting


Anyone can help me?


By the way im using FNIS 7.0 XXL


Thanks in advance guys :smile:

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