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Nordic warhorn sound replacer

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Hello guys

I was wondering if someone can edit this mp3 to eliminate the "robot voice" of the file to make a replacer for the warhorn, sound excellent but the robot voice ruins the sound

I was trying to find a free sample, but only i found several times the same sound in different sites and always with previous pay for him among other really bads

Can someone edit the file a make a clean sound for replacer?





Battle - Horn.mp3

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3 hours ago, csumidazzok said:

What vanilla item is have horn sound?
Or this is a mod? Convenient horses?

From vanilla the item is "Torygg's War Horn" but not playable as far i know

I don't have installed "Convenient horses" and i'm not pretty sure right now what mod from my collection of 254 mods are the file exact who have it

I'll find later and try to tell which one are, i hope


Edit: Doing a quick search of my mod list, i have Become a Bard 5.0.7, but i'm afraid if is not the mod you're asking, why I use the horn ingame, the effect have are the enemies run scared about 30 secs

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