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I've seen the sprites. I've done sprite reworks for older games.


The sprites in this game are large enough to modify into something appealing.

Unlike games like FF3/6 where the sprites are chibi ish.

But this game is enough for me to modify into something more visually interesting. 


I'm a pretty good 2d artist... It's my career to make HD art... Hell I work for a company where I sit and draw all day (8-9 hours) in adobe illustrator.

I can draw anime pretty good (I'm one of the better artist in my department... I dare say I'm better than my own manager).


I just need someone to extract and repackage the files and I can take care of the rest (... all the art).


I agree the art in this game is way too basic and some of it is way cruddy.

IDK if they rushed it or they just hired someone that isn't the best artist in the world.

If it was the creator... Then no offense to him or her... But they should stick with programming and hire an actual 2d artist.


I wanna heavily upgrade it up with my own sexy premium anime art.


But if someone does want to extract it and repackage it, then I require Team Viewer/Discord/Skype.

I wanna see the person do it in real time. Makes me feel that I'm working with someone that's serious into modding this with me.

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