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Snow Elf like companion


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Hey guys this is my first time making a request for a mod ever, so pardon my lack of modder vocabulary in places and if I should request something that can't be done. However.. close enough is fine by me! :)


Name of Companion: Frist I


What I'm looking for isn't exactly a snow elf companion but a female wood elf with snow white skin, dark red lips and whited out eyes. I'd like her to be about a foot shorter than a standard human or about the same height. A fairly attractive face with dark eye make up... (preferably blue in colour). White hair I'm not too fussed about the style but perhaps something shoulder length.


I'd like her to be equipped with powerful frost spells too where possible.


Files I have:


TES V: Skyrim (no dlc).

CBBEv3 Body replacer.



If you use any other mods when making this companion (if anyone should choose to) please let me know so I can attach them.


I give creative license to whoever decides to help out with this.


But for a loose reference I present this picture.






Let me know if you want anymore detail (or if I'm doing this all wrong).


Thanks :heart:

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I will see what I can do. Might not be a elf' date=' but considering the hair is long you won't see the ears anyway.



Thanks alot. I don't mind at all... most important thing would be the skin tone, eyes and lips really!


Thanks again in advance! :D:D:D

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