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[RPG Maker] Three Kingdoms Tales Chapter 1


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Hi, I want to present my game to you.
Three Kingdoms Tales is an adult episodic adventure game with stealth elements and turn-based combat. You play as two characters: a young village girl Christina and a knight fallen from grace Roderick. They dont know each other and live in different places, but still have one thing in common. They both have to leave their homes and travel to a neighboring northern kingdom which is in a state of civil war. A lot of challenges await them in this long dangerous journey, and its only up to you to decide how to face these challenges. But be careful with the choices you make: there are a lot of ways how this story may end and not many of them can be described as a happy ending.



  • Nonlinear gameplay. Make choices, face consequences.
  • Story focus. Dive into a deep story of a journey. Watch how, as the journey goes on, not only the scenery changes but the heroes themselves.
  • Realistic fantasy setting. Forget about absolute good/evil, armored bikinis, giant swords, colorful hairs. Explore a brutal medieval world with some fantasy elements.
  • Two main characters. Play as two heroes that have different views of the world and different ways of solving problems. See how their initially independent stories intertwine more and more with time.


Adult tags (Chapter 1)
Petting, blowjob, straight, missionary, rape, doggy, cowgirl, prostitution
More to go in the next chapters.




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3276d7690423263.jpg a34447690423283.jpg

Download (Chapter 1)
Current Version: 1.41
RTP included version (no additional soft needed in order to play)
MEGA/NoFile.io (370 MB)
Standard version (RPG maker VX ACE RTP needed in order to play)
MEGA/NoFile.io (185 MB)

My patreon: www.patreon.com/rinba

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On 18.12.2017 at 8:09 AM, TsagaanMangas said:

Really enjoying the game! Great job, really like the different point of views. Being able to be raped as a female pc, and rape as a male pc. Perfect!




I updated the game to 1.41. It's a small bug fix that fixes a bug where the player couldn't leave the house if choose to beat Iris.

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