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Skyrim Romance animation/Sexlab trouble


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Hi guys,


Here's a "new" one for you.


Iv've been trying for days to get the animations of Skyrim Romance to work.


Here's what iv've tried:

- Reinstalling everything (twice), following the guides to the letter.

- Every single step on the troubleshooting guides listed on this page.

- Re-running, logging out, back in, reinstalled, everything you can think of regarding FNIS

- looking through my data files obsessivly to check if the new FNIS patch is loaded, it is...


So, the best answers i found so far was this post:



Because my papyruslog says the same thing! But how in the world do i then figure out what is missing or broken?

And year, I did try and reinstall XPMSE.


I also installed the matchmaker mod, to check if the problem is sexlab, works just fine...


If someone will please help me, I would be forever gratefull!! 

Let me know what info you need (and how to find it, as i´m an idiot still with computers) and i will get right on it...


Thank you!!



PS. I'm aware that this post should possibly be on the "skyrim Romance" web page, but when making a new profile for logging in, the confirmation mail just never appears... 

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