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Need help exporting static meshes!


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So, I'm having a bit of a problem. I've got the latest NIF scripts, and the latest version of NifTools, and I'm running Blender 2.79.

I've linked the material textures directly to my Data/Textures/Wraps folder. Applied scale and rotation, deleted all other objects in the scene, set my textures to UV, my normal map to normal, my diffuse map to color, all transformations applied, set user version to 12, user version 2 to 83, BSX flags to 130, Object flag to 14, Root node to BSFadeNode, Consistency Flag to static, set the shader type to BS Lighting Shader Property/Default, checked; cast shadows, own emit, receiving shadows, remappable textures.


However, when I export, it is just a Nif Node, without any Shader node, and I don't see any geometry? Anyone know what is going on?

Edit: Forgot to mention: I am also using Skyrim SE.




Here is my file:



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