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CRX add-on - dead restraints

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This add-on modifies the CRX restraints in order to keep the dead bodies crucified on their crosses.


Note: the entire point of this add-on is to get serious about crucifying NPCs and leaving them to their fate (or killing them yourself). There is no point in installing this add-on if you just want some harmless bondage play.


To install:


1. install CRX 1.7 by @Oakern

2. download this add-on and overwrite with the included files (meshes, scripts, esp)


Changes to the original mod:


- the dead bodies will stay crucified (hopefully across re-loads as well)

- replaced ropes with spikes in all configurations

- for each cross type, there are two variants: "spikes feet" and "ropes feet" - in fact, both variants will place spikes, but with slightly different dead body positions (for now, CR01 and CR05 have identical restraints between sp_feet and ro_feet - WIP)

- eliminated some logical constraints from the original script - select "add/keep all spikes" / "add/keep all ropes", and you're done, it will now disregard the initial configuration

- CR01 features a Skyrim model, instead of the original cross

- upon expiring, the crucified victims will spasm a few times - both for "artistic impression", and to stabilize their position in the restraints




- CRX 1.7

- Dead body collision


Screenshots: to illustrate the available variants for CR01, 02, 03 and 05


Future plans:


- different variants for CR01 and CR05 sp_feet / ro_feet

- further tweaks to positioning


Possible bugs and issues:


- CR01 (Skyrim) cross may feature spikes with purple or invisible textures - let me know if that's the case, the intention was to replace the steel texture with a rusty one

- various positioning issues - let me know if they occur immediately after the victim expires, or after a re-load

- you need to delete the restraints (select the restraint in console, then disable; mark for delete) in order to re-use an already used cross


Original credits, and thanks, to @Oakern, author of CRX


Permissions: as per Oakern's terms


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    CRX 1.7, Dead body collision


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Hello Again

In pickman's gallery there's a handcuffed dead raider to a bed, by his wrist. It's pretty hard to remove him from there and it seems that the hitbox is restricted to the dead body itself (I can pass trough it) I wonder if you can use the handcuff hitbox to make a better, leaner, version. i'm grateful for your work anyways and hope this information helped a bit.

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I love the idea - makes total sense.  I am having positioning issues with your add-on vs the original mod though. In all cases live actors are positioned ~10 in game unites (modpos z 10) above where they should be, based on the animations and cross styles in use.  It's not gamebreaking, but I thought you should know.


My modset is vast... it could be related to any number of things.  I am using a CBBE body base - but I tried all sorts of combinations between nude, clothed in modded gear, clothed in vanilla assets, modded NCPs, vanilla NPCs, my PC, etc. - all result in the same.


Additionally, I tried this on a fresh game version, with only an alternate start mod, CRX, and your add-on, the positioning issue remained.

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