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  1. nevermind, I used JB's option to update script registrations in the MCM menu, Worked like a charm. I forgot Rule# 1 Never overlook the obvious. oy, lol
  2. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    yup, worked like a charm.
  3. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    I downloaded AAF v48 just business cant find the aaf animations anymore, If I select update in mcm could it possibly reconnect the mods? really not a question , just thinking out loud. gonna try it.
  4. just business mod doesn't find aaf animations anymore, my prostitutes find a client but aaf doesn't start. 4play SEU works perfectly though as does the home key. In just business, when I select "teach obedience" nothing happens, and when they find clients. I reinstalled JB twice. No results. Any ideas for aaf v48?
  5. v48 is working very well for me the savage cabbage animations are quick and amazing, my prostitutes look immersive as they walk their Johns into the bedroom for chair table and pre war bed animations. All is well. Whew! Thank you!
  6. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    you may also download the Exacutioners chair mod, assign them to it and watch them fry...their heads explode as a finale, honestly its good fun :} The second pic above is that mod at work.
  7. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    I have to thank you once again Ignotum Virum for JB, Its potential is limitless. I found these Jumpsuits that made my Arkham Asylum style prison complete.
  8. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    from my own experience, try reinstalling JB, or try reinstalling MCM. that's all I can say.
  9. Are there tutorials on how to use the aaf themes? I want to use savage cabbage and atomic lust only, but those only worked in the home key settings.
  10. I've been experiencing a lot of buggy stuff myself, for example, All my hot keys stop working, AAF stops working {home key} , Cum-n-Wealth and looks menu esp's disable for no reason, MCM stops working for no reason, Mods on my MCM list disappear. Just off the top of my head. I'm thinking the root is in the F4SE scripts. They released F4SE 0-06-14 which I downloaded and installed, after the update but there was something really wrong with it, So they released F4se 0-06-15 right after. I still cant figure out what exactly is wrong. Just a suspicion, either that or transfer settlements. Not too sure.
  11. Hogz50

    Why do you play as a MALE/FEMALE ?

    I play as a guy, simply because I am a guy and I have no feminine side what so ever. Wait I'm wrong! I played a Female char in Everquest 2 ,...years ago on the Pvp server, Fate Tality The little ninja martial artist ..cause guys hate getting beat up by girls. Skyrim kinda reminds me of EQ II world wise.
  12. I use to de-select it not I cant anymore, I don't know how to make the images smaller, I can try though
  13. this response refers to the Many actor types, I cant de-select it anymore.
  14. well I uploaded the latest LLFP which fixed a lot, I still have crazy and leito guns even when those mods are disabled, I need my JB prostitutes to take the johns into the rooms and do business on a bed, I try to keep it boy girl only behind closed auto doors. Leito animations always dominate over savage cabbages, that bugs me, and atomic lust is for PDA,s only. At least that how I try to play it.
  15. Thank you thank you, I didn't realize my four play mod was over a year old, never gave it much thought LOL