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  1. Hey in the upcoming upgrades, will Ivy be more responsive in Far Harbor?? I always thought Far Harbor was more fun than the actual fallout 4 game. "Longfellow? I wonder if that's a nickname for his Dick, or maybe...he use to do porn? Like Long Dong Silver?" lol My favorite Ivy line, "Hey, want to see ma tits." I nearly choked to death on my coffee first time I heard that LOL
  2. Hogz50

    NX-2C Video Log V0.10: Memes.. Sloot Suits and Dev News!

    I love these videos, She should be the new gurl in wheel of fortune! Nice im off to teach Darcy Pembroke how to turn profit thru prostitution.
  3. I believe the child is Pickmans , ever since I brought him back in shackles, Ivy has had her eye on him, He's my newest and highest earning male prostitute. Im loving these V logs ...have you ever watched G4? It would be great if she could be interviewed by them.
  4. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    savage cabbages has animations for 2 men and one women, but no animations for one man and two women. that's all I meant. With JB "sex with another slave" teach obedience command, You have to use that on two different slaves in order for them to begin coitus. I was doing it wrong for a few weeks, and getting no results. then I figured it out.
  5. So I take Heather and R4 on a little excursion, and I come home to this. She swears she just ate a lot of ice cream since I was away.
  6. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    I figured it out, I have to select the "youll have sex with another slave", with two different slaves for the animation to work. I was trying to select a slave as if I were assigning it to the task. Sad there are no FFM animations.
  7. that a fallout 4 bug, theres a Hysterical mockumentary video someone made on youtube about a year ago, of all the fallout 4 bugs, and that was one of them, another is where a companion will Gumby run in frozen T pose, ...but that's actually a game glitch.
  8. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    Strange because whenever I selected that feature, nothing happens, nothing at all., and I have a lot of animation packages, I don't get an error but nothing happens.
  9. It lies somewhere between the scarf and the EVB body, Character is naked, apply the scarf, the body is normal, remove it and there's the glitch, put it back on, glitch remains. Now remove it and put on a random selected short sleeved outfit, the glitch goes away. Really, really, weird.
  10. I FINALLY figured out the source of this phantom body glitch, Its the scarf in the CBBE version of militarized minutemen uniform. Just the scarf for some odd reason when I remove it either to change outfits or in sex animation this happens. without it everything is smooth as silk. I shock tested this theory for 2 hours last night. A single scarf lol who would have thought lol. Feeling relieved like a disturbance in the force simply...vanished.
  11. sorry my reply was for someone else, wrong number lol
  12. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    I don't know if you found this yet, I saw your post on the subject regarding aaf and four play not being compatible..heres a link.. there are other patches for AAF also. AAF beta will autodetect four play but you need the compatibility patch for animations by leito and crazy.
  13. Hogz50

    NX-2C Video Log V0.5: NuWho!

    My older brother was heavily into Dr. Who the original series back in 1980, I use to watch it with him, He took me to see Logans Run in movie theatres way back when, and I saw Damnation Alley as a matinee when I was a kid. W.I.V.S. radio really takes me back. Heres a trailer for WIVS, maybe you will like it. https://youtu.be/tRSGtT2zLRw I saw this when I was a teenager , i'm a huge fan of the magazine. I had to edit this post Crazy idea, Ivy does movie reviews, on old sci fi, like, day of the triffods,, and, this island earth. lol just tossing it out there . Shes got star Quality. Loving everything IVY, W.I.V.S. T shirts .
  14. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    thank you, wonder if I can make them run a relay race through a minefield. that would be interesting.
  15. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    Fun with Captive raiders! JB is the gift that keeps on Giving!