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  1. if the guys limp, reinstall nude cut erect and select yes to mod.
  2. its a really old mod, one of the first I ever downloaded, weapons armor displays I think its a part of an andrewck mod it might be npc based static object , being I can try to push it with "the get out of my face" mod. oh well..... one to grow on lol.
  3. Weird question, when I used RSE, and now Im using Just business, in both cases NPCs try to sex up my armor racks, I actually found armor racks in corn fields near pillorys, its really weird. AAF is a base mod for both rse and JP, im trying to understand the attraction, are the armor racks npc based??
  4. I had those issues, when they get all weird and turn invisible, if you enter build mode and pan the mouse around you you can find them, they'll have a green outline, exit build mode tell them to stay then select reset slave and they reappear customized. I went back to the old version of JB because it just works better....for me anyway.
  5. I had slaves vanish on me too, hes invisible but should still be near you and still following you, go to a settlement, enter build mode, move your mouse around you, if your mouse passes over him you'll see a green outline of him, if this happens, exit build mode pass the mouse over him again, you'll get speech options , make him stay then scroll the options list to reset slave, he should reappear to the right side of you...for some reason they always pop over to the right. I've done this a few times usually when changing their appearance, they just fade away.
  6. seems like a snag in Bethesdas laziness when making npc's, They(the generic) npc's have 8 or 12 Npc item ID's the rest are all replicas, If I change the hair on one generic raider, it changes the hair on all raiders of that class, seems somehow the generic mk 2 synth fused with a generic brand of raider, probably because Beth' used the same body mesh or something. I can picture them (BETH) taking a raider body stripping the skin and retexturing synth skin over it. Now when you enslaved the synth, the Npc class became Slave, somehow they fused. just a thought.
  7. its something to do with fast travel, I collared Capt. Bridget, the gunner boss at hub city auto wreckers. She stayed Capt. Bridget until I fast traveled to Boston State Prison ( An old Settlement mod) Upon arrival, She became "Zoe" I tried to rename her using the rename slave option, Nope. Zoe is set in stone . I tried to change her name back 3 times, not happening, Like the Name Boston state Prison, Bostons not a state. It should be, Suffolk county Correctional. But, meh, whats in a name. Both mods are awesome and I have a great time with them.
  8. ahh okay then, the workaround is to make all my convicts prostitutes, and still have my 16 prison guards and 5 vendors, all minutemen from the ( we are the minutemen ) mod and house up to 30 convicts.
  9. I don't have this mod and I have rename anything disabled.
  10. I can see that, makes a lot of sense, because you gave them workshop npc features. Now they also count as settler population, I cant turn that feature off, its not in MCM. So that might be an install failure. With the name thing, Red Tourette usually stayed Red Tourette when collared, as did all the other Raider bosses I collect.. I'll try a reinstall I hope I can turn off the settler count.
  11. Funny question....why are my slaves names randomly changing, for example, Marcy Long, became Gianna, then Anna, now its Abigale. This is with all of my slaves. I have re-naming turned off, I never use it I only capture Named Raider bosses and unique Npc's.
  12. I've made it challenging by only marking the raider bosses, and rare NPC's, like fred, angie and so on, Its hard to capture Tessa, baker and, clint at quincy, as well as the bosses at gunners plaza, and clutch in almost impossible being shes inna small room with a raider and she carries an M60 or M14 in my game. Riots would be awesome, I was thinking about that being I have a mod called, Boston Prison, I had Tower Tom and Red Tourette in lockdown, Tower Tom according to storyline killed Red Tourettes sister, so it would be nice to see a vendetta shanking in the showers LOL.
  13. slight problem, when I choose "teach you obedience" or use SEU they preform well, but when the prostitutes find a client, ...nothing they go to the workplace and stand there.
  14. I downloaded jb 6.7 and the auctionhouse patch, started a new game. I updated script registrations to restore aaf animations, which wasn't a problem, but when I took slaves I marked angie and fred, hard to find NPC's, they only exist in the beginning of the game, then I marked simone and wolfgang, When I changed the appearance on both angie and simone using looksmenu and picturesque looks menu they vanished after I completed their new hair and makeup, turning invisible. later I went into build menu, the 2 female npcs were by me but with a green outline of their bodies, I left buildmode and clicked their invidible forms and made them stay, I selected Reset Slave, and they re-appeared customized and fully visible, and functional. Just figured I'ld share that in case anyone encounters this, its fixable and interesting when you see the green outline with stretched out hair almost ghostlike lol
  15. Sounds great i'll get started on this soon thank you :}
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