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  1. ohh good to know..thank you . ill check for an update
  2. I have a rare problem, rare meaning it usually never happens to Me, Others have encounterd this more often. The strip feature doesn't work, last game it worked fine with some cloths not all, but this game only vanilla cloths will strip. Any idea how I can fix this being I reinstalled mods twice now?
  3. hiya reginald, question ...any tips on resolving this conflict with ivy and expanded ballistic weave? Nevermind lol just moved it to the right all is good now lol
  4. thank you for the link, i'll head over there.
  5. I've read the forums associated with my online course, but they are for the industry of programming, I have ideas for mods of my own just looking for the right paths to make them, This is the only place where people know what a mod is, Most think a mod is a british youth in suit acting out scenes from Quadrophenia.
  6. Not sure where to ask this question, but here goes nothing....I just started learning javascript, in an online course, should I also learn python as well, or are they basically the same thing??
  7. Hogz50

    What do you think about Vortex?

    in vortex I don't see a way I can use certain EVB presets with AAF animations, In NMM I just overwrite "Yes to Mod" for EVB Hairy men body working with AAF animations.
  8. Hogz50

    What do you think about Vortex?

    I will probably take another crack at Vortex once the mod Matures and some of the Heavy tech heads figure out how this thing works and make in-depth tutorials on how to use it. As for now it seems like a social science project seeing how many people develop brain tumors trying to figure it out. lol
  9. I want to ride the cars in kiddie kingdom with Ivy and driveby some ferals.
  10. Hogz50

    What do you think about Vortex?

    I downloaded and tried to convert to vortex, It was an absolute disaster for me, There's a lot I had to do manually, like getting bodyslide to work properly, and getting F4SE to work well also. My biggest problem was mod conflicts, and there was a ton of them, your only options are , Load before...Load after or Add Variable. Unlike NMM that has a better system with , Yes to all, yes to mod, yes to folder and yes to file which I find a lot easier to do, Being some nice person on LL explained what all that means. Also I found I had to categorize everything myself, NMM drops mods into the proper category. My solution was...being I have 168 active mods and did want to make a career converting to vortex was to reinstate nmm as my mod manager, get the mods tuned and running again, and forget I ever heard of vortex. Which is what I did, I really didn't want to spend hours of free time getting my head wrapped around a mod manager, when I already have NMM that works well. Oh one more thing, I reinstalled Armor and weapons keyword mod....no shit it took 18 minutes to download and install on vortex, it takes under 3 minutes to do it on NMM, and this I tested when I switched back. That's just my experience, it might work nice for others. Oh pretty dashboard on vortex. Only nice thing I can say about it. lol
  11. I got this error yesterday putting Piper and Virgil together, Virgil does the animations, Piper just stood there, then I used "Page up" scrolling to Leitos Supermutant animations and got the AAF ERROR: [011} and froze my game up. hopefully the feedback helps.
  12. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    they pop up eventually, I had that happen to me recently, They reappear if you sleep for a few hours, or fast travel, and they pop up next to you looking desperate and needy as usual.
  13. Hogz50

    Just Business [WIP]

    I've had this mod for over a month, and its become a cornerstone mod in my game, Thanks ignotum, but I cant for the life of me remember how to put a slave up for sale, I use to get that option when I first caught them, now I cant find the feature at all. I figured it out..lol its what the trade hotkey is for...I never sold a slave until yesterday.