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JK Crafting Breakdown Dragonborn [looking for working version]

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Working my way through Skyrim again (32-bit), and finished the DB mainquest. Being the pack mule that I am at level 89, I was carrying a lot of armor and clothing and crap, so I went to smelt it all and discovered nothing I was carrying was eligible.


I've used JK Crafting Breakdown for years, but got the newest version for this playthrough and (stupidly) deleted all my old versions. I checked each Dragonborn addon in TESVedit and discovered both conditions and the results for the long list of constructible objects are empty. I redownloaded and even downloaded the older version all to no avail. Does anyone have a verified working version? If so, where did you get it? Is it still available for download or would you be willing to post it somewhere for me?

I've left comments on the mod d/l page as welll as the forum thread, but I'm not expecting much. Neither have seen activity this year. Any help would be appreciated.

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