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[Quick Question] Does SRLE lotd works well with LL mods ?

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I did this earlier this year and am happy with where things are at now (still playing months later). The prereqs page is good advice for anyone. Consider your end vision as you go (good gameplay & good looking but still smutty) and don't blindly install all the mods they list. Make sure the mods they advise fit what you want. You won't be able to use their conflict resolution patches as you don't have all the mods listed, so take care as you may need patches they never mention. Obviously lots of caution is needed for script heavy mods too, you don't want to be uninstalling mods once you're playing. I installed maybe 60-80% of their mods along with devious device style mods here. It will take quite a while to get to a install you're finally ready to play (probably weeks), but I enjoyed the process, easy to watch movies as you go, etc.

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