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Aroused Creatures


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Well, to have sex with creatures I have installed in mod organizer:

-More nasty critters v 10 3c

-Real Mare Horse mod by Gary for having a genitals of the horse female

-sexlab aroused creatures v04.0 beta 05

-immersive monsters girls

-skyrim immersive creatures

-slal evacuations

-sexlab flamework 1,62

I activated on the mcm of sexlab flamework the sex function with creatures, I think it's ok .

In the sexlab arouse creatures I still have doubts of what the setting is, although it seems to work fine.

I now even have animations with my mare but she is invisible and only appears her saddle ... The problem that's really annoying me ... My characters Man turns gay and my mare becomes in the sex seing male.

I already asked this forum and I ask again, I have to have a female character pair by playing the sex mod?:dissapointed:

Is not there a sex mod with creatures in which my pc man does not become a gay?:confused:


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Can anyone help me?

My ultra man pc is suffering terribly under my mare horse ... when invited to sex ... my mare horse undergoes a metamorphosis and ... turns man ... oh ... this is shameful from super Dovahkiin of super Dovahkiin couple super girl under my mare horse :frown:

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