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Custom body doesnt seem to work?

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Hello. I started modding special edition again and i seem to be unable to get custom body work on a follower. How can i fix this. Does the follower use different meshes? And if so how can i find them and can i make the follower use the meshes i have created.

The body that doesnt work.jpg

The body that i want for my follower.jpg

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In the CK, you may have to create an Outfit entry and put that in the Inventory of the Actor.  The Outfit should contain each piece of customer Armor for your customer follower.  The Armor will need each ArmorAddon entry as well.  Same goes with the customer naked meshes, don't forget to link the Skin field in the Actor to link to your naked body meshes.  I'm not sure exactly what you do or do not have in your plug-in though.  I'm sure there are several "How to" tutorials out there for custom follower creation in old Skyrim which still apply to the new stuff.  Hope this helps.

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