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Tabaxi Textures Question

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I remember years ago someone made grey Tabaxi textures that were all one shade of grey, with a fully-furred face.  (The face textures may have been from a different mod, now that I think about it.)  Anyone remember this?  Thanks in advance!  (Also, it was definitely not a Khajiit replacer, because the head was human-shaped.)

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Uh yeah, I recognize the face textures at least. That is Nuska's Tabaxi textures. Nuska made bodytextures as well, basically just covered up the skin portions of the tabaxi body in fur, but I don't really recognize that bodytexture in the picture. 


He pulled those mods from the Nexus, so they're not available there at least. 


Or are you thinking of the seamless, updated textures Luchaire made? 

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