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Help with multi character animations

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I've been working on some assets for a vore mod (monsters eating people, not people eating people like the existing devourment)for some time now, and am at the point where I can start fooling around with animations.  The mod is hopefully going to include multiple new lore friendly creatures, and will be set up just as a new horrifying (or sexy if you are into that kind of thing) way to be attacked.  The monsters will have regular idles, attack animations and abilities, but will also be able to swallow humanoid characters alive, and eventually digest them if the beast isn't slain.  I plan on eventually having multi stage scenarios with control enabled to change the outcome(like successfully struggling out of a monsters mouth), but for now I want to start small.  I merely want some tips/maybe some links to decent tutorials on multi actor animations, as I can't seem to locate any.  I use 3dsmax, and have a fair understanding of skeletons.


Any help would be awesome and super appreciated!

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Actually, you just have to build the animation for each character.

Only "killmoves" can be paired automatically, but the result is the actual kill of the second actor.


You can try to do "paired" animations. Check the FNIS guide about how to create the AnimEvent.

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On 12/7/2017 at 11:51 PM, Ghrolath(blabla77777) said:

Paired animations eh?  Even finding out what they are called is a huge Help.  Thanks!  I'll look into it.


33 minutes ago, SapphireTheWolf said:

I would love to check this out! having creatures being predators rather than humanoids just sounds so delightful!


Just remember that every killmove (paired) animation will end with the killing of the first character. And killmoves are available only if the player is in (can be the killer or the victim.) And killmoves can handle only two characters.

My advice is just to used two animations that will work in parallel with just a few lines of code.

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