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No, I do not want to have sex with Dogmeat.


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I have looked through all of the mod settings for the mods that I have downloaded from LoversLab ad cannot find a setting that allows me to stop Dogmeat from asking for sex when I wake up in the morning. First, is there such a setting and where is it? Second, if there is not, then could someone please add an option to stop Dogmeat from asking for sex.

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Which mod are you running that allows this? Vanilla Fudge is my guess... it doesnt have a dogmeat toggle. It does have a generic toggle to turn off the morning sex request from EVERY companion however and that is only available if you add in the Vinfamy Control Panel mod.

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6 hours ago, mikey1979 said:

Yep, I do believe that Vanilla Fudge is the culprit. But I do not want to turn off morning sex requests with my significant follower, just with Dogmeat.

Doesnt work that way sadly and I dont see any updates on this mod in the future... best bet, dont have dogmeat as a companion or turn off the feature :(

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