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Turn off shadow for ENB


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I have read somewhere on this forum on an old post (like 2 years old) that shadows take quite the toll on skyrims engine and that I should use an ENB to let the graphic crad take care of it and free the CPU. How would I go about that? How can I turn off shadows in skyrim and use an ENB to take care of it?

I am using mod organizer if that changes anything. What is the best way to go about this?

Edit: Alright I figured how to turn off the shadows. Damn it goes faster. Now I need to find how to cleanly install an ENB.

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36 minutes ago, ZeroProdigy3k said:

Sorry for asking this. How did you turn off shadows? 

In the skyrimprefs.ini file, change the following value:

They'll have a different value in yours, set them to 0 and it won't show any shadow.



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