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Another CBBE texture glitch question


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So, getting the weird patchy skin with CBBE.  None of the solutions I've come across work or apply to my game.  I'm not using Unqiue Player, and I'm not using Valkyr textures.


I've tried:


Uninstalling and reinstalling CBBE and Bodyslide

Redownloading, uninstalling and reinstalling CBBE and Bodyslide

Tried a different CBBE texture

Tried opening the donwloaded file and just overwriting all the textures that installed with NMM with the ones in the downloaded file

Uninstalling every other body mod, including armors, to see if there's a conflict


No matter what I do, I still end up with this as long as CBBE is installed.  I'm not sure what to do next.  Suggestions?


Quick edit: The installed texture looks just fine in Bodyslide.





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That would appear to be the CBBE body texture (or other nude) on the vanilla body mesh.  You either have CBBE and BodySlide misconfigured, though installed through your mod manager OR you have a mod later in your mod list which overwrote the female body with a different mesh.


Your load order is indicating what plugins are loading, and is generally a good indicator of your mod setup, but it's not complete.  In many cases straight replacer mods do not use plugins and wouldn't show in the list.



CBBE installation and operation:


Here's what I do.... I never use the default CBBE models, I always BodySlide the femalebody and outfits with a preset I prefer.  Though CBBE does include a default NIF, I've never once seen it in a game - as I've never actually tried it out.


1. Install CBBE

2. Install Bodyslide

3. Install textures for CBBE (optional, not required)

4. Open BodySlide - select a preset (or fiddle with the sliders until you like the preview) and hit the build button

5. Go check it in game, if you like it.... exit the game, return to BodySlide, and batch build that preset (this will create the outfits in the correct proportions for CBBE)

6. profit



Mod Conflicts:


If you are using Mod Organizer - you can easily check for a conflict against all your mods installed, regardless of plugin or no.  (note, this is not 100% fullproof, and will not search in to archives like .bsa/.ba2 files, but it's a good fairly method to find a conflict ~ generally if the mod includes a BSA, it won't include a vanilla body, mod authors know about CBBE)


Anyway, in Mod Organizer, check the mod for a conflict.  If there is a lightning bolt and a -, then something is overwriting files from the mod.  To check what the conflict might be, double click the mod, navigate to the Conflicts tab, and inspect the bottom window.  These are files that are being overwritten, and it conveniently lists which mod is doing the overwriting.  In the picture I included, I created a fake mod called "Meshes EXAMPLE" to illustrate what it would look for a mod to be overwriting CBBE's femalebody.nif and femalehands.nif.



If you are using NMM (don't use MO) but in seriousness.... it's more difficult to detect a mod conflict with NMM - though not impossible.  In your installation folder for NMM, there are several folders, but one of them has the unpacked mods in it.  Go there in windows explorer and search for "femalebody.nif".  Do this in the mod's root folder (not your game folder), and all folders containing that file will be returned.  You can inspect each folder path (conveniently named for the mod they belong to), the confirm if you installed this AFTER you installed CBBE.


Once you find the conflict (if one exists) you have to decide, a.) if you need that mod, and b.) where it should be loaded in your order.  If you need CBBE and that conflicting Mod, there is a good chance it has already been converted to an equivalent CBBE model - check your mod pages for that info.





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Ok, stripped out CBBE and Bodyslide, redwonloaded and reinstalled.  Skiped step #3, just working with the ones that come with it first.  Opened Bodyslide and it looks right, build that one body, go in game, still patchy.  Using NMM as well, really don't want to have to redo all my mods in MO.  I will if I have to, just hoping don't need to.


Searched my Data folder, only one femalebody.nif exists and it's in the CBBE folder.

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- Not using MO, using NMM.  Textures exist in the Data directory, along with all the other mods NMM installed

- Bodyslide does the mesh correctly in game, it's just the texture that's screwed up.  Even though it looks fine in Bodyslide.

- Using the texture that came with CBBE

- Using FO4 version, downloaded from the Nexus yesterday (this one): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15/?

- The .esp is enabled

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Naked NPCs too, not just player.


I can't find anything that's overwriting the mesh.  Even copying the default from the .zip file and not running Bodyslide does it.  I ran a search for femalebody.nif in the Data folder, and only the CBBE one came up.  I'm stumped, frankly.  I really, really REALLY don't want to reinstall everything.  I'd rather not spend an entire day reinstalling and reconfiguring everything so I can correct one issue if I can avoid it! . ><

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I posted a similar response to NMM conflict tracking on a different, but similar thread - it was about a texture, but it applies here as well.... NMM has a VirtualInstall folder in the NMM (not the game path).  On my system, it would be at: E:\Games\Nexus Mod Manager\Fallout4\Mods\VirtualInstall.  In this folder, you will see an unzipped folder by mod name, for all mods actively installed.  You can search this folder root for the texture, and all folders will return as in the following window example.  Here you can note the path name of the mod's involved in the search result, to find the offender.


The example screen shot is looking for a weapon skin, but you could search for femalebody.nif here (not the game's path\Data folder).  Since you can see a femalebody mesh at ..\Data\meshes\actors\character\characterassets - this would take priority over any archive based meshes that might be packaged by another mod.


One more try.... for science :)  install this last in your NMM - this is my CBBE mesh (like the textures) for NPCs (I use Unique Player as well).


If none of this works, and you find yourself considering a re-install.... please consider switching to Mod Organizer.  It's a far superior mod management utility vs NMM.  You'll find yourself in a bit of a learning curve, but it's quick to get the hang of, and frankly re-installing your downloaded mods will be much faster than re-doing it through NMM again.

Chiefly, Mod Organizer never alters your game's files.  All mods are installed in a set of folders outside the game's path and merged in when the game loads.  Finding conflcits, re-ordering mods is also very simple.


To switch from NMM to MO - you will have to delete your Fallout 4 folder and re-install through Steam, no way around that.  You need to start with a fresh game.  However, prior to uninstalling Nexus Mod Manager, you can actually import your mods from NMM directly to MO (not automated, but very fast).


In your NMM path, there will be a Fallout 4 folder.... in that you will have all of the zip/7z/rar files you used.  Simply drag these into mod organizer, manipulate their ordering to what you need/want/like... and then activate them.  Should take an hour or so, after installing.


CBBE Body Mesh.7z

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Da fuck.


Didn't know about the virtual install folder, found a few things that might be causing the issue, both with the mesh and texture files.  Removed EVERYTHING except for CBBE.  Still not working.  There are some texture associated with various things, like the underwear for Armorsmith, and those are fine with both texture and mesh; it's just when the femaile character and npcs are naked.


Stripped out CBBE, verified there were NO femalebody textures or meshes in the Data OR the Virtural Install folder, everything's fine.


Installed the latest CBBE with no Bodyslide, patchy skin.


Installed the textures above, still patchy.


Installed the mesh above.  Still patchy.


I am well and truly stumped.  I can't find anything else that would be conflicting with it.  Even tried uninstalling all the armors I have, which did nothing.  What's really frustrating is that this wasn't an issue before.  I was a few updates behind because of school, and until I actually updated, this wasn't a problem.  That's why I'm not sure where the conflict is.


I guess I'll just ignore it for now, since I'm in the middle of the Railroad questline, and would kinda like to see it through before I make any big changes.  I will eventually switch to MO; when I started modding FO4, the MO wasn't ready.  And by the time it was, I already had a large number of mods and didn't want to mess with reinstalling them!  Thanks for the tip about moving mods over, I'll definatly do that when I get to a point I'm ready to swtich.

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NMM also uses cache. There is a cache folder. Before you reinstall CBBE, cache should be checked and corresponding deleted there.

Maybe even an old body / bodytexture mod is still there.
Enable / disable Mods in NMM rebuild cache files - so should be safe to delete.

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6 hours ago, Varithina said:

Try a different cbbe texutre set, and see if that does anything, it could be there is a problem with the textures you are trying to use, from what I remember I got the same thing with a couple of the early cbbe textures, though I can not remeber which ones it was.


He is having this problem with the default CBBE textures as well.

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I did try a different CBBE texture than the default, tried Ida and the Oni one.  It looked the same.  ><  Ran a search on the cache folder and didn't find femalebody anything, but deleted the CBBE and Bodyslide folder anyways.  Nope.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open!



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For me, when the frustration gets to this level - I nuke the game completely. Do a fresh game install, then one by one install the mods I can't live without. It's less painful than pulling my hair out (what little I have left) over a issue that makes no fucking sense.


Your hair, your decision. Good luck.

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So, update.


Stripped all mods out and vanilla'd my game, including any and all files that have mod data from the NMM directory.  Everything's fine.


Manually installed the base CBBE, patchy skin.


I just don't get it.  I downloaded a fresh version tonight just in case I had a problem with my previous file.  It's the only mod I've got installed at the moment, even started without F4SE, just in case.  No matter what I do, it won't work.


Oh, and since I nuked everything, tried MO and can't get it working no matter which tutorial I follow.  ><


Edit: there are no bgsm files in the CBBE download.  I'm not sure what you're wanting me to try and find.

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Try going full atomic on it and completely remove all trace of the game from your PC. Then reboot and install vanilla FO4 again. So that it really is a 100% vanilla game. Run the game to get to the outside of vault 111 then save and install CBBE. I could never get MO to work either (Skyrim that is) so just stuck with NMM. Download CBBE and Bodyslide from the Nexus again and install both with NMM. 

Build a body that is extreme in it's dimensions (to test in game that it really is loading the correct body nif).

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Another update.


Completly nuked everything, redownloaded and installed.  Now, it works.  Though, for some reason, when I instailed A.S.I.A., I got the patchy skin.  Backed out, got it working again, reinstalled A.S.I.A., and it's fine.  Still have no idea what's going on with it, but it works now so I'm trying not to breathe too hard on it!


Thanks for the help, all.  Never pinned down what went wrong, but lots of helpful suggestions.  ^^

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