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Can't start Skyrim (Error 0xc000001d)


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One in a while, i purge my pc from all non-essentials (including skyrim).

When i installed my usual enb, i suddenly got this message:

"Can't start application correctly (0xc000001d). Click OK to close this application."


Things i did:

  • Removed & reinstalled Skyrim
  • Checkboxes for Competabilitymode are all unchecked
  • Skse_loader.exe, TESV.exe, SkyrimLauncher.exe and NMM Manager are all run as admin.

This seems to be only triggered when i installed my ENB, when removing the d3d9.dll it all works... without the enb active.


Some help would be appreciated.

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you might want to read here:



also there are lot of causes for that, if this doesn t work i guess you ll have to use Google and see wich is your case.


Remember also to rename the infamouse dx9 dll (forgot the name) in skyrim floder so it uses the Windows one.

And update your graphic drivers.

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7 hours ago, new_man said:

Had this problem also just recently, are you running on Nvidia card? If so, use this



Just change the original "d3d9.dll" file to the name the mod author suggest and copy his "d3d9.dll" file to your exe folder and you may be good to go.



it fixed the problem.

Thanks for the aid! 


Now i can get back to making weird things.

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