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If I were to make a new weapon mesh using blender...

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I have put in the game a Colt peacemaker that I bought (I only made/retouched the textures), to replace the Western Revolver with a REAL western revolver :p.

I don´t know how it was made, so I supose it will be the same process.



IIRC, I made everything in Nifskope+Creation Kit:

in nifskope I took the parts from the vanilla 44 pistol, and replace them with the parts of my mesh weapon (reciever, cylinder, body, hammer, cannon, etc...), taking care that parts that have animations (the cilinder and hammer) went into sub-folders of the vanilla weapon that have the proper animations (I can´t explain it better, not an expert, and english is not my language).


As my weapon is a replacer, I only used Creation Kit to check stuff, change bullets to .45, and to make a holster.

If it´s a standalone weapon, you´ll need to create a new weapon in Creation Kit (plenty of tutorials around).




I also made a wearable version to be used with Visible Weapons (I just replace the 44 pistol model in friffy wearable weapons folder, but that´s another question, and is made mostly inside the Outfit Studio)

I am very noob on moding, but it looks good for me in game, now I feel better with the Western Revolver being a Colt Peacemaker... :)

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On 3/12/2017 at 4:55 PM, Levrette said:

Mike Moore made what I presume to be (since he's done this successfully many times)  a suitable video on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTCFh-tR28w

Good video. Basically is the same I did with the Colt model I had, except I didn´t do it myself in Blender.

To convert the parts of the model I bought, I used Outfit Studio, and convert all the parts to .obj, as Mike Moore says you have to save your blender model as .obj

I can´t remember where I found the tutorials, if I do, I´ll post them

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