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[Warband] Gengis khan style dark fantasy aka forced marriage

red phantoms

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Since i saw someone bring dickplomacy mod for warband several week ago, i guess ill be sharing another mod that i often use on many campaign module since all you do is adding small line in ini file making it compatible with all warband mod


The premise of the mod is to link any dialogue line in game and redirect it to the elope line making the lady your wife. I basically attach this mod on lady captured line when i refuse to release her. aka forced wed her. So you are not only conquered the castle but also the lady gengis khan style. The other best part is this mod also affecting lord wife for anyone with MILF fetish.


This method will be considered elope thus might aggro the lady family. I mean you got all the woman and glory in exchange that all of the lady relative might go ballistic on you for stealing their daughters and wives. its a fair trade off right XD


Still this mod is barebone and could have more improvement like separate  new dialogue line, another animation and so on. 


This also a valid base for other modder who want to create dark fantasy.


Although i recommend to use it on captured lady line, you can do the same method to any dialogue in game like asking for ongoing fest orr asking for lady favor. just make sure to backup the ini file before it goes wild XD


One last tiny note on the end. Keep the captured castle to yourself and dont give it to a vassal before you decide the fate of captured lady as the vasal might decide to release her instead




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