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Female left eyes are larger (Racemenu)


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Female eyes are completely messed up. All the presets have the left eyes almost x1 times larger than the other. It's the Racemenu causing it, I tested on vanilla, eyes are fine, tested unmodded vanilla+RaceMenu and it's there again. It's maddening, I can't fix it no matter what. Is there a fix for this?

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That used to happen to me, with Racemenu. I don't think it was so drastic as double-sized (one versus the other). Check to see if you have any facial expression tweaks made (I forget the header in Racemenu). I think it was that I had (mood/emotion/whatever it's called) as well as some tweaks to the mouth (the pronunciation function where it lets you position lips so that they're making that "sound") that was distorting it. I don't think those settings get reset if you change a preset (unless you're loading one manually, or maybe not even then), so it might be tweaked and stuck that way until you go fix the sliders.

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