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they trashed my robot

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long story short,, was wondering around the commonwealth, came across a city that seemeed like las vegas,, and due to a bad animation program in my robot,,, he kinda got broke...
so i left him there.... in the middle if tinsel town glamour and lights,,, ladies all around and drugs on the floor,,, 

i dont like my companions ,, they talka crap all the time,
but i like my robot,,, he pretty useless,,,cant lift diddly squat and is pathetic in a fight..
by oh heck the stuff he has see,,, specially when i was in tinsel town,, he a little pervert even,,,watching all the time,,,, 

so i kinda feel bad that he broke down and got stuck,,,
i got him back after i dismissed him,,, 


i was wondering,,,,, 

if he had been standing in the middle of a junkie haven,,, he would have been trashed..
graffiti and other..

im kinda crap at computers,, hardly spell my name at best of time,,,
so i was wondering if there is any modders or programmers willing to help me graffiti him up,,,stick a sticker to him,,, or even a bright giant purple dildo to his forehead ....hey..it tinsel town ..

if anybody could help with 
robot meshes and some added applications to stick his toy to his head...(dont worry,, he kinda stupid and wont realize)

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decided to pick up the game and install some mods,, not done that in a while,, 
and like usual,, broke my game,,, no biggie,,

tried to fix and did..
and noticed you guys had a forum for asking about making mods,, ,,"requests"

anybody know how to pimp up my daft ass robot and graffiti him with objects ?

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