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Hello there =)


For my story "Close Alliance" I've planed to go to Akavir pretty soon. And exactly there lies the problem. Since it seems that the author of "World of Rudra" and "Cangloong City" won't continue his work, I'm pretty stuck. While I have at least lots of exterior-content to use for my work, I've an enormous lack of interior-footage. I don't know how to solve this problem, so, if anybody knows mods with asia-looking stuff inside some buildings, that would be pretty welcome. (I already have Akaviri Player Home, Kankaraya and Nakahara)

There are, of course, some other mods on the nexus which I could use, but most of them like "Akaviri Samurai Estate" doesn't fit my requirements for a good location. Building something myself could be a way, but that costs an huge amount of time. 



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Hey =) Thanks for the suggestions! Cangloon and WoR are already installed and running fine - but unfortunately doesn't contain any interior-assets. The Akaviri Samurai House might be worth a look, Isle of the Akavir 3.0 too - but both aren't of high quality. But since my options are very limited, I might give them a try =/

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