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Hey guys,


This mod is by no means my content. It is something that abriael made a long time ago but that is now incompatible with Xenius' races. What is different in this mod. I just changed the dependancies since the mod author has abandoned the mod for a long time now as it seems so i took it on myself to do it in his place. If for some reason he comes back and does it himself, this will probably be deleted. But that is highly unlikely since he hasn't been active fore a couple of years now.


The mod should already be structured accordingly, so just unpack and past it in the NORMAL oblivion folder (again NOT data folder but the one before it, if i see someone claiming that they can't find it in their load order THAT is probably the reason why). Also you still need the Original mod for this to work since this is only a .esp file so overwrite it when it asks to.


Anyway have fun with this little bundle of joy.



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    Abriaels CM companions moonelves mod, Oblivion (duh) and Xenius race compilation mod


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