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Converting a mod to an unpb tbbp body

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Hello. This is my first post here on the LoversLab forums, so I hope I do not break any protocol inadvertently.

So I have been reinstalling and playing skyrim after years and enjoying lots of recent great mods. One caught my eyes because of how the aesthetics meet my tastes, and that's https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71086/?

However, I did not wish, in this playthrough, to install bodyslide or outfit studio. I tried, but got a lot of ugly seams, textures behaving awfully, and after some trial and error reverted to my old habits and opted for UNPB TBBP using the redux mod (what a blessing having it all in one file. It wasn't that much easy back in the day).

For most of the mods I care for, that poses no problem whatsoever. I even managed to install the other mod of this same concept, the brand new Stalhrim armor, and it works perfectly. However with this glass armour I'm having my character boobs look tiny and with the textures off. I know this is for UUNP and not UNPB, so technically, there's a limited compatibility but it's understandable that something doesn't work as it should.

So I'm wondering if there is an UNPB version for us old timers who don't want to fuss around with bodyslide or are afraid that if they change into that, they might run into conflicts, messy textures et al. My character looks wonderful the way she is and I'd rather not risk and lose that. If there is no UNPB TBBP version, would anyone be willing to convert this mod please? I'd be very grateful indeed.

I hope what I'm asking makes sense and I don't sound irreasonable or too much like an annoying noob.

Thank you in advance!

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Bodyslide is very easy to learn and use. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but trust me. The hardest part about Bodyslide is the part where you tell yourself it's too hard.


The messes textures you got simply means you had the wrong textures installed. If I had to guess, you were using UNP textures with regular Bodyslide. You have to use Bodyslide UUNP with UNP textures. Anything that says UUNP means it's the "UNP Bodyslide". Anything else is typicalled CBBE Bodyslide which requires CBBE textures.


You just have to take your time and read the instructions and ask questions when you're stuck. Once you learn it, it becomes second nature and you can do it in a matter of seconds without even thinking about it.


The "work flow" using bodyslide goes a bit like this: Have UNP texture of your choice installed > Download Blodyslide > Install Bodyslide > Select UUNP options including RaceMenu Sliders for UUNP > download UUNP armors and clothing you want including vanilla armor replacers and install them with NMM or MO > Run Bodyslide through the mod manager of your choice > select the Unified UNP HDT (if you're using hdt) > make your body preset > save your body preset > apply the preset to the body, hands, feet, and clothing (don't forget to check the box that says "Build Morphs".


So if you can follow these easy steps you can have your own body. Or you can use someone else's or a prebuilt preset.

When you're comfortable doing that, you can get into using Outfit Studio, but that's another post. That too is simple once you do it a few times following a tutorial, but withit you can convert almost any clothing/armor to bodyslide.

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