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Potential for Automatron DLC? Share Your Ideas!


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When the Automatron DLC came out, I was ECSTATIC!  Few things are cooler than robots, and being able to build your own and trick it out however you like.....that was a dream come true!  And yes, the DLC provided nearly everything I wanted from it.  I got to build nifty robots, and then sick them on my enemies. >:)  A few mods later, and I could now build and modify armies of robots to run my settlements, or follow me into battle!


Still, as the months past, I found new mods for the content slow to come.  We got a few texture upgrades, a paint-job or two, a couple of subtly reshaped Assaultron parts, etc.  Later, we got a few extra robot bits to help recreate bots from previous games.  After that, not much news came out.  I was so disappointed!  Not being a modder myself, I have no idea just how difficult it would be to do more here.....but I can't help but DREAM of the potential.  Sure, there's the SFW stuff, like more armor bits, a extra weapon options, a more detailed painting system, etc.  But this here is LOVERS LAB!  We GAVE DRAGONS TITS for goodness sake!  I don't see how we haven't jumped on the potential here.  But then, maybe that's my ignorance talking.  I don't know the limitations of the software, maybe the kinds of things I'd like to see are just impossible to do with the game as it is now.  Still, it can't hurt to IMAGINE the possibilities, right? ;)


The purpose of this thread is primarily for brainstorming.  I think it'd be fun for us to take a good hard look at the Automatron DLC, let our inner perverts off the leash, and imagine the possibilities!  I think we can have some fun brainstorming what we'd LIKE to see!  Picture it: Mr. Handies with dildo or milking arms, chest-plates with sculpted breasts, melee weapon attachments like crops and paddles, machine gun nipples, heads with blowjob mouths, animated pistoning penises for crotch armor, custom paintjobs that make parts look like they're covered in latex or leather, sexy decals, slutty make-up for your Assaultron's faceplate (or your Tankbot's if you really want a giggle), etc.  Imagine staffing your entire settlement with clunky, hilarious attempts at garage-made sexbots!  Share your thoughts, tell us what you'd like to see!  And who knows, if the game's engine IS flexible enough for this sort of thing, maybe some of our talented modders will draw some inspiration from the content we come up with!  Either way, I believe a fun time will be had! XD

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